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Bill Poser, of Language Log fame, has recently developed a small piece of software that calculates how much data space you need to fit whatever format, compression or length of audio file you have.

I understand it’s probably not going to be the most highly sought-after program this Saturnalia, but I, for one, have a legitimate need for it in my role as audio engineer for an archive. Having to figure out how much space a file will consume, or calculating the sample rate of a partially corrupted file using long-hand methods, can quickly become tedious, and I’m glad I now have a calculator to do this for me.

The program’s called AudioSpace and has been released under a GNU general public license, meaning it’s available for free. While you’re there though, check out Bill’s other software. There’s a regular expressions development tool, a possible word generator, an IPA standardiser and plenty more programs that would be highly useful to computational linguists, programmers, and geeks in general.