A few hours ago, I began the steps to migrate this entire blog entity from its current location, on WordPress.com, to a self-hosted location with my own domain name, meaning that this blog will from now on be located here.

I thought it would take days and days to do everything, but with a little luck, and a lot of help from the friend who is kindly hosting the site, we managed to get the whole thing up and running in something like 45 minutes!

However, there are a few teething problems that I’ll have to work through when I get some time, such as all the times I linked back to my own posts. All those URLs will need to be changed. Also, the wordpress software supports the same theme as I’m currently using, thankfully, except it’s slightly different and I’ll have to get used to the details, but chances are I’ll be able to load all those perty little pictures that change every so often (whenever I get bored of them), so they can come up at random each time you reload. First though, I have to figure out how to edit that part of the theme’s stylesheet. Until that happens, I’m afraid we’re stuck with the uninspiring defaut image.

I’ve successfully migrated all posts and comments from here to there, and for the next month or so I’ll post everything to both locations, so there’ll be a bit of continuity. Unfortunately though, I’ll lose my blog statistics and my technorati ranking. The latter aint so bad; a while back I’d attained a ranking of 50, but I think they figured out how inflated that figure was and kneecapped me back to 23. I’ve been hovering around 30 ever since. The loss of the blog stats though, is quite annoying, since as any wordpress user knows, it’s rather addictive to see all those stats pile up, now I’ll have to start afresh.

As for all the other bits and pieces, such as links and rss feeds, well, I’ll have to leave it up to all of you to update your rss reading software look to the new rss feed, if you use my feedburner feed then you can leave the change to me. Finally, if you link here from your site, could I be a pain and ask you to update your blogroll?