I haven’t written anything that could be categorised as a metapost before, because I assume most people don’t care. But I’ll write one today, since I have three quite separate pieces of news, and lo and behold, they tie together surprisingly well.

1. I have been asked to write an article for a Sydney-based, left-wing, federal-election-motivated, free, street-press newspaper, sort of designed to rival mX, which:

…is distinctly low-brow with a much greater focus on entertainment than news than broadsheet newspapers, or even other tabloids. (wikipedia)

The previous editions have received lots of support in Sydney’s west, where commuters yearn for something intelligent to read, rather than what Kylie Minogue was wearing today. Instead, News Corporation treats them like Neanderthals and gives them nothing but trash. They want me to write about the NT intervention, but I’m not certain exactly what angle I’m going to take. But:

2. This calls into question my attempted pseudonymity. I originally intended to write the article as ‘Jangari’ and have it mention this blog, for the sake of generating more local traffic, but political opinion pieces written under pseudonyms tend to be viewed with a bit of cynicism. So I really should go ‘nonymous’. 

Besides, my pseudonymity hasn’t been entirely successful, partly because other wordpress.com bloggers who get comments from me already know my first name, owing to my naively registering my work email with my wordpress profile. Speaking of email:

3. I have a new one, which I’ve attached to my wordpress profile, as well as my gravatar. The email is jangari [at] matjjin-nehen.com, which I am able to have thanks to the fact that I just bought that domain name, it was dirt cheap. Eventually I’ll set it up as a domain for this blog, which, I understand, will turn everything in the address bar that is currently aidhoss.wordpress.com into matjjin-nehen.com but I believe I have to set up the DNS servers first, or something like that. I suspect I’d also have to pay something like ten bucks per year to wordpress for the privilege, which is a bit steep given that it’s even more than I pay for the domain in the first place. In any case, I’m told that setting up a domain for a wordpress.com blog is a bit like magic in that it works by misdirection. Or was it redirection?

Anyway, that’s what’s been happening around here at matjjin-nehen.