…There’s been very little action here of late with the Brough plan. There was a rumour last week that the army were headed here, but we haven’t seen anything as yet. They really want to know if they’re considered one of the 60 (or however many there are) communities, because if they are, they might reconsider putting so much effort into the myriad of projects that have been set up to combat alcohol abuse, housing shortages and other pressing issues, since the federal government might want to take over such projects altogether.

The federal government (this was the situation last week anyway, things may have changed since then) claims that it would be dangerous to say which communities it has in its sights, because they may pre-emptively, temporarily force out grog-runners and so on to make the place look good. I doubt that. I think they’re playing it entirely by ear and don’t even know which communities are included.

Also, remember to watch insight tomorrow night (Tuesday 24/7), which will focus on this issue. SBS, 7:30pm (or 8:00pm 7:00pm [I got the direction of the timezone wrong, silly me – this also meant I missed the first half as I was watching ABC news] if you’re in the territory).