I was going to comment on the government’s response to the Ampe Akelyernemane Meke Mekarle “Little Children are Sacred” report commissioned a year ago by Clare Martin, undertaken by Rex Wild and Patricia Anderson, and presented to the Chief Minister last week, but due to the fact that I’m leaving for a two-month field trip on Monday morning, I don’t foresee much free time to collate my thoughts among all the other things that I have yet to do. However, I will link to others’ thoughts on the matter that are mostly congruous with my own.

  • Jane Simpson addresses the clear disparity between the recommendations of the report and the proposed actions of the Prime Minister.

  • Kim Christen laments that human rights are being cavalierly cast aside by the invocation of the words ‘crisis’ and ’emergency’.

  • Bulanjdjan tells how she received an email indirectly from one of the compilers of the report who, as it turned out, was justified in his concern that it would be hijacked by the government and used for a particular agenda.

  • And then there was the boy who cried ‘Tampa’.

I just have no time to add any more to the discussion right now. But if I desperately think of something, I’ll do it from Darwin on Monday afternoon.

(What are we up to by now? One step forward, four steps back?)