I hope you’ve all noticed that I’ve ‘Wagimanified’ my blog as much as possible. All of my sidebar widgets now have Wagiman names, except obviously, the words for which there are no clear equivalents, like ‘blog’, ‘Email’ or ‘post’.

Just for clarification, Wagiman hasn’t really got anything for ‘recent’ as far as I know. So, for ‘recent posts’ I used nganing-gin posts, which is ‘My posts’ and for ‘recent comments’ I’ve instead used gordo-gin comments, which means ‘your comments’ (you here being plural). But given the context of each widget, it shouldn’t at all be difficult to figure out which is which.

As far as the blogroll goes, the first lot, blog-giwu matjjin-gu is ‘blogs on language’, and the other is a bit of a truncation, wuji matjjin-gu meaning ‘not on language’.

I’ve also removed the text on the banner and replaced it with photoshopped text inside the banner, I think it looks a lot better.

I think I just need to practise using a bit more Wagiman in preparation for my coming field trip, in late June. I don’t wanna spend the first 2 weeks getting used to the language again.