First there was this:

TONY JONES: Prime Minister, what do you think living in Australia would be like by the end of this century for your own grandchildren and for the grandchildren and great grandchildren of others, if the temperatures, the average mean temperatures, around the world do rise by somewhere between four and possibly even more than six degrees celsius?

JOHN HOWARD: Well, it would be less comfortable for some than it is now,

And then this:

ELIZABETH JACKSON: What about rising sea levels?

MALCOLM TURNBULL: There’s a lot of very exaggerated claims and you have to bear in mind that most of our coastal population lives on the east coast of Australia and because of the geology or the typography of the east coast, you know, much of that is adequately elevated to deal with a one-metre sea rise.

Less comfortable? Adequately elevated? These kooks have been in power for over a decade!

I vote that we should accede to New Zealand.