In a post two weeks ago, I implied that the thesis I produced was not quite up to scratch and that I was simply happy to see the end of it.

As such, I was expecting to get it back with perhaps nothing better than a ‘not-so-bad’ result. It was very much to my surprise and shock then, to see Bill Foley come out of the markers’ meeting yelling down the hall to me in his thick Bostonian accent “First Class!”.

Many, many thanks go to Mark and Jane, my supervisors, who had a huge part in transforming what was likely to have been a mediocre attempt at a scientific paper into the eventual thesis. I am especially grateful to Jane in that she continued to supervise my work even while on leave from the university. I benefitted enormously from her comments. It must have felt like pulling teeth sometimes, trying to extract a quality work from, to be fair, a rather lazy individual. So I apologise for the pain I must have caused, but know that it was always more painful for me.

I’m going to put it on this thing when I’ve gone through and made some typographical corrections, and maybe some other touch-ups. I’ll post a link when it’s available.